Tanzania: Teaching Photography for National Geographic Student Expeditions

Wow, I love my job! This summer I had the incredible opportunity to lead a trip to Tanzania for National Geographic Student Expeditions. Fifteen eager high school students, an amazing co-leader (Ian), and I spent three weeks together adventuring and exploring the country’s villages and national parks. We hiked with Maasai warriors, experienced village life in Maji Ya Chai, and went on safari to see elephants, lions, hippos, and black rhinos(!). The students worked “On Assignment” in their area of interest: Photography or Wildlife & Conservation. I taught photography, and Ian (a biologist) taught wildlife & conservation. Our students collaborated on a magazine about Tanzanian culture and wildlife. It turned out amazing, and I’m so proud of their dedication and hard work. I feel SO fortunate to have spent three weeks traveling Tanzania with such an amazing group of people! Did I mention that I love my job?!